5 Steps to Becoming an Early Bird – Make the Most of Your Day!

By Kim
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Spring is arriving and we are slowly awakening from hibernation. For everyone still struggling with tiredness: Here are 5 easy steps to help you get up earlier – and make the most of your day. 

1.   Early = early.


Paid attention in math class? Sure! So, technically we should all know: Who goes to bed early, gets up early. No, that doesn’t mean we all need to hit the hay at 8 pm sharp. Because the night certainly isn’t only for sleeping. But even half an hour can make a difference. You’re struggling to fall asleep early? Try listening to soothing music – after all, when we were young our moms sang us to sleep, too.

 2.   Rise and shine.


Yes, if we want to sleep in, we make sure to close all the blinds the night before, so the annoying sun can’t deprive us of our sleep. But because we all want to become early birds now, we will do the exact opposite: We will pull a Kanye and let “all of the lights” in our bed chamber. Because: It’s just so much nicer to get up when the room is light-flooded. Squinting in the sun light will make it much harder to fall asleep again! (Pssst! Just like a soothing song makes you sleepy at night, an upbeat song as your alarm ringtone can help you wake up!)

Hint: Scientists have discovered that we have a sleeping cycle of about 1.5 hours: Approximately every 90 minutes we change between light sleep and a slow-wave sleeping phase. If we all set our alarms to wake up in a light sleeping phase, then we will be able to wake up more easily. This means: Set your alarm to 6, 7.5 or 9 hours after you fell asleep.

3.   Treat. Yo’. Self.


Wow, you actually jumped out of bed on the first alarm? We can’t let that go unrewarded! Because: We all know from Biology that positive reinforcement makes us repeat a certain action. So, let’s use our newly won time to calmly read a newspaper or book or even watch an episode of our favorite show. Basically: Treat. Yo’. Self. (Parks and Rec, anyone?) In no time you will even look forward to mornings – and be in a better mood all day!

4.   Dig in.


An important part of our special morning treatment is, of course, an awesome breakfast. Your granny was right after all when she would always make you her “breakfast of champions.” And champions don’t eat a granola bar or drink a coffee on the run. No, champions enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast of proteins, fruit, vegetables and whole grain. They will give you the necessary energy and a great mood for a successful day. So, go ahead and dig in!

5.   Fit for Fun.


On your marks, get set, go! The supreme event in getting up early is physical training. Think about it: If you are fit enough to not only keep your eyes open but also to work out, then the worst of days can’t stop you. So, get up, get out of bed and get into your sneakers: A run in the park or half an hour of yoga will make you feel more energized – and absolutely nothing will stand in your way.

Alarms set? Blinds open? The right music at hand? Great, then see you tomorrow at 7 am for a run in the park – and have a great start to a successful day!

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