DIY Powerfood: Anne’s Breakfast Boost

By Kim
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The perfect base for every granola is whole grain – and I love to use oatmeal for its fibers and extra power. Now just add some nuts that provide optimal fatty acids for your brain and heart. The cherry on top (literally) are dried and fresh fruit, like berries and bananas. Especially in the winter, I recommend using frozen fruit – they are just as delicious and healthy with lots of vitamins. Finally, mix in a couple spoons of yogurt, kefir or curd for your daily dose of proteins. You prefer a lactose-free alternative? Just use some fresh fruit juice! And remember: The more colorful the granola, the better!

There you go: In less than 5 minutes we created a super healthy, nutritious, and above all, delicious breakfast!

Pssst! Granola also gives you the perfect boost for your run! Before the run it fills the glycogen storages – and afterwards it provides the body with proteins for the muscle regeneration.

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