15 Scenarios That Will Make You Run Like Never Before

By Kim
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We all know running is good for us. Sometimes it’s just hard to get motivated. That’s why we compiled 15 helpful scenarios to think about if you started running – but are about to give up. Which you should never do. And we mean: never. 


1) You’re Usain Bolt.
A.K.A. You run at the speed of light.


2) You’re running from zombies trying to eat your brains. 
Ok, I know. This doesn’t like you need to run THAT fast. But still.


3) You’re in one of those “I have to get fit to beat my enemies” film montages (à la Rocky Balboa).
Works. Every. Single. Time.


4) You’re Hovering Cat.
Who needs legs? Or gravity?


5) You’re James Bond on a mission to save the world …
I mean, he can even do it in a suit …


6) … or you’re simply trying to get home fast.
We all know there’s nothing worse than just missing the train.


7) You’re Forrest Gump.
He just felt like running. He JUST felt like running?! (Ok, sorry, this is probably a bad example.)


8) You’re skipping class and hiding from the teacher.
You’re obviously back in first grade when skipping actually gave you an adrenaline rush.


9) You ate an entire 16-inch pizza by yourself last night. 
Oh, the good old guilt and shame. The best motivators.


10) You’re running from the cops.
For whichever reason you would like. Be creative!


11) You’re in a slow-motion scene of a motivational video.
Ahhh, look at those muscles!


12) Your phone is dying and you need to get to the nearest power source.
Running without music and/or MovingTwice? Nope, not with Leo.


13) You’re simply running into Mordor.
Yeah, Boromir, you heard me.


14) Think of your amazing body after your run.
geilen Körper
Looking good = feeling good = looking good = …


15) You’re on the home stretch of an amazing charity run.
Oh, wait. You are!


Source: GIFs via Tumblr


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